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A Beginning Farmer – That’s me!

I’ve completed both classes offered through Washington State University’s Cultivating Success – Sustainable Small Farms Education program – twice! Whole Farm Planning and Agricultural Entrepreneurship. 

Both classes were great, even better the second time through BUT, reading and listening are not doing and I am learning by doing many projects completely wrong! I’ll share both my successes and failures in future posts. Also, starting a small farm, even a mini farm, takes money, time and energy. All are hard to find, the later especially as I’m hitting the awesome age of 65 next month and most definitely am overweight. The good news is, I’m getting stronger, the weight is falling off, I’m learning to hire help when the job is more than I can handle (I hate asking for help), and somehow, I’m managing to find a little time and a few extra dollars to SLOWLY grow WIN Mini Farm.

I LOVE farming!

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