Hand Sanitizer Sucks Moisture

Soap and water are more effective than any hand sanitizer at removing germs. Hand sanitizer is even less effective when your hands are visibly dirty or greasy.

In a pinch, when you have no access to soap and water and must rely on hand sanitizer, be sure to read the label to ensure it contains 60-95% Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and to learn how much to apply. Rub it over the surfaces of your hands and keep rubbing until your hands are dry. Do not wipe it off!

The alcohol in hand sanitizer sucks the moisture from your hands leaving them dry and rough. Whidbey Island Natural All-Natural Hand & Body Lotion will replenish that lost moisture to restore soft, smooth skin.

To help you restore the damage inflicted by those vampire-like, moisture-sucking hand sanitizers we are offering a special 15% discount on our amazing, moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion. Good through August 31, 2020. Check it out https://winatural.com/collections/lotions

During this pandemic, it is an excellent idea to keep a good stock of Whidbey Island Natural soap bars, liquid soaps and lotions on hand.
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