Re-potting Marshall Strawberry Babies

That's me, Kim. I'm re-potting the last sixty-six babies produced by the twelve very small Marshall Strawberry plants purchased from Raintree Nursery last Spring. They were expensive - $8.50 each plus shipping! But hey, I'm saving a nearly extinct strawberry - right?

The original twelve and one hundred seventy-five of their babies were planted out into the garden several weeks ago. Straw mulch will soon be nestled around the plants to conserve water and to keep those lucious and oh, so sweet and juicy berries out of the dirt. When the first red berry appears, hoops and netting will be installed to keep the birds from eating them.
Don't feel bad for the birds - they've been feasting well on the abundance of worms brought to the surface with my one-time-only tilling of the garden beds. They're getting so fat it's amazing they can still fly!

Not so long ago my garden beds were sod. On Whidbey, such new beds are often full of wire worms that destroy the roots of newly planted crops. Early Spring tilling is the most natural way to break the wire worm's reproductive cycle.
My new Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator | 16-Inch | 13.5 Amp
TJ604E did the job beautifully. Not too heavy and plenty of power - I abolutely love it!

From now on, my gardens are strictly no-till. Organic compost and soil amendments will be placed on the surface and mixed into the top few inches.
The worms will be safe from me - though not from the birds!

Kimberly Tiller - Owner, Whidbey Island Natural & WIN Mini Farm
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