Turmeric and Ginger - Growing at WIN Mini Farm (I hope)

Because we use ginger in Whidbey Island Natural's Sore Muscle Rub and turmeric in our Arthritis Salve, and hope to include both in future products, we decided to grow our own at WIN Mini Farm.

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Ginger is native to the tropics, but it can be grown in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 12 - we're zone 9 here. It requires nighttime temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit - cooler temperatures cause the plant to go dormant. It also needs moist (not soggy or waterlogged), fertile, well-draining soil, filtered shade and shelter from strong winds. Turmeric's needs are similar to ginger's.

I purchased my chemical and disease-free rhizomes from Biker Dude Hawaiian Organic Ginger.

When the rhizomes arrived in the mail, I carefully followed the instructional pamphlet that came with the package. I placed the rhizomes in the open air on the kitchen countertop for a week then set them into trays filled with coconut coir and covered them with several inches of the coir. The trays were moved to my unheated potting shed, placed on a heated propogation mats and kept evenly moist. Nothing happend for many weeks - hmmm. I figured, it's a tropical plant, maybe more humidity. I covered the trays loosely with a plastic sheet and finally "some" of it has sprouted.

I'll wait a couple more weeks in hopes of more sprouts, and warmer outdoor temperatures before setting the sprouted rhizomes into their prepared garden bed.

Wish me luck! If you've successfully grown ginger or turmeric, I'd sure like to hear from you. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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