What’s the Scoop on Calendula?


Calendula Flower and Calyx

Calendula, Resina (Calendula officinalis) is a variety of calendula that was bred for its high resin content. The resin of the calendula flower mainly resides on the underside of the calyx.  It’s these resins that hold the potent medicinal constituents that make calendula a valuable resource for health and skin care. The resins are soluble in hot water (for tea), alcohol (for tinctures) and most especially for us, oil (for healing creams and lotions).
Calendula Planted at WIN Mini Farm
I planted a single, small packet of seeds this spring and recently began collecting seeds from the now spent calendula flowers. These will be planted at WIN Mini Farm next spring and the flowers with calyx attached harvested frequently throughout the summer months. After drying, they will be immersed in jojoba oil for several weeks. Why Jojoba Oil? will be the subject of a future blog post. This infused calendula oil will lend its soothing and skin softening properties to WIN’s new facial cream.
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  • Looking forward to it! Enjoyed the information you shared.

    Pam Tiller

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